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5 Bad Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Car

You've had your license for a while so, chances are, you've developed some bad driving habits that you may not be aware of. Maybe you don’t check your blind spot when you change lanes or you don’t always come to a complete stop at that stop sign. Many bad driving habits may be things you don’t even realize. Able Insurance has got your back and we want to point out the 5 bad driving habits that can damage your car and give you a few tips and tricks that will help you minimize damage to your car.

bad driving habit1. Don’t Rest Your Hand on the Shifter

Many of us have gotten into the habit of resting a hand on the shifter as we drive, even if we drive an automatic!  This will place unnecessary weight on transmission components, creating wear to internal components. Keep both hands on the steering wheel unless you are shifting.

2. Use the Parking Brake

When you don’t use your parking brake, it puts the entire weight of your vehicle on a simple piece of metal in your transmission. Over time, the parking pawl could wear out and break. Use the parking brake to avoid further damage and improve the longevity of your vehicle.

bad driving habit3. Don’t Haul More Cargo than You Need

Have you seen a decrease in fuel economy and overall performance? It might be because of all the extra gear and weight you carry in your trunk. Get rid of that second set of golf clubs or the random junk in your trunk and lighten the load to avoid damage to your suspension, brakes and drivetrain.

4. Don’t Drive with Low Fuel

We understand how expensive gas can get at times, but when you drive around with the low fuel light on, you may be doing unnecessary damage to your car. In a majority of modern vehicles, the fuel pump is cooled by being submerged. When you are low on fuel, there is nothing to cool the fuel pump, which can lead to wear and tear. Make sure you have more than a quarter tank to avoid damage.

5. Avoid Hard Starts and Stops

Almost everyone has had the urge to stomp on the gas pedal and leave tread marks at the stop light and many drivers likely don’t give themselves enough time or distance to stop. Hitting the accelerator will waste fuel and sudden stops will wear and eventually damage brake pads and rotors. Avoid sudden stops and starts to prevent further damage.

Able Insurance wants to save you money on car insurance, sure.  We also want to be a resource to you for great ways to keep the car you have running and looking great!  Check back here for other great tips or just LIKE US on Facebook for updates.  If you want to save money on car insurance, get a FREE QUOTE now!

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